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New Segment: Super Nice People of SL September 1, 2010

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I’ve decided to do a new segment, dedicated to the amazing people I’ve come across during my foray into SL modeling.

I’m going to start with someone I ran across this evening, who inspired me to do this, though I already have a LARGE list of people I’d like to feature.

While asking a question in BoSL chat tonight, I got a very nice IM from Herradura Baar, who, thinking I was about to spend money on something completely unnecessary, offered me some advice and pointed me in a direction I wasn’t even aware of. To some that seems small, but that someone goes out of their way to do such a thing strikes me as pretty darn cool (even if she doesn’t think she was doing anything extraordinary. :P)

People forget sometimes, it’s the little things you do that make you really stand out in someones mind. Just the tiniest bit of kindness can be remembered for a long, long time. 🙂

June 30th Outfit


Learning time! August 30, 2010

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Quickie so I’m not a TOTAL slacker..

I came up with this trick a while back when I was so frustrated with my eyes that I knew there had to be SOME way to set them where I want for photos.
This only works for Emerald, unfortunately.
It’s really simple! If you have the Shields on, turn them off (Preferences – Emerald Tab – Shields, check Broadcast viewer effects and Broadcast camera focus point)
then alt+click on your gazer or prim.
Then, without moving focus, re-enable the shields (uncheck viewer effects and camera focus point). Hit OK and et voila, your eyes stay locked to the gazer,
you can move them around and still zoom in on your avatar!


Whee! Post 1 (officially?) August 12, 2010

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I decided to start out with something simple, and pretty. I got the Infinity Diamon Dual necklace from alaMood today, after admiring it on owner Jori Watler at the EVANE Men’s show a few days ago. Truth also released Trinity this morning, and I absolutely love how natural and pretty it is, from the back as well.

Blog Post 1


Hair:  >TRUTH< Trinity – Chocolate
Skin:  [ATOMIC] Audri – Caramel Bubble
Necklace: [AB]  Infinity Diamond Dual on Platinum
Top:  [N] Peace Knit – Passiflora Edulis


August 11, 2010

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So.. while I’m a terrible blogger and very rarely update whenever I try, I think I’ll try…. one more time. First thing’s first, however. The blog needs a name. I’m open to suggestion! Maybe I’ll make a contest out of it or something though I have no idea what the prize would be. Pft, details.

The purpose of this blog is twofold: First, I like showing off all the things I buy and would probably not wear as often otherwise, and second, I might actually wax philosophical at times. Or, I might just pimp my photography. Or both at the same time, I hear it’s possible. At any rate, here’s a post and my first picture is coming. I’m still taking it. Because that’s how I roll, yo.

BIG thanks to Strawberry Singh and Jori Watler for the inspiration.